You just can’t beat that feeling you get from a clean home…

Life’s too short to spend your time cleaning, let us do the dirty work…

How long does it take you to clean your home? If there is one thing we could all use more of its time. Perhaps you want more time to spend with loved ones or just relax after a long day. Regardless of how you use the extra time you gain from allowing us to clean your home we are dedicated to making your life a little less hectic. Just imagine coming home to a clean home without spending the effort and time it takes to clean it. Stover Cleaning Service offers custom cleaning plans to meet your specific budget and needs.

What Puts Us on A Different Level

Stover Clean’s employees are paid more than the average house cleaning service and must meet stringent demands and high standards before ever being considered for a candidate on our team. It’s this level of determination that allows us to provide superior performance and results. Through striving day-in and day-out to achieve only the strictest level of quality, Stover Clean aims to be Lincoln, Nebraska’s number one cleaning service. We put the Husker effort into every room we clean. Surrounded by a devoted staff of professionals that love the city of Lincoln, Stover Clean makes it our mission to maintain a level of service we can all take pride in.

You are only a single phone call away from gaining more time

Reach us by phone between the hours of 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p..m. Monday through Friday, or by appointment only on Saturdays. Stover Clean closes on Sunday. Contact us by phone at 402-786-8944 or through our email at We’d be happy to work toward a cleaning solution tailored to fit your needs and schedule so that you enjoy the cleanest and brightest rooms possible.

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